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Voice Over Workshops

Our Voiceover Workshops are designed to teach you what it takes to become a successful voice over performer. It is an hours full event with hands on information you can use.

You'll learn how to interpret commercials, along with industrial and educational narrations. We call it the art of "VOICEATILITY." You'll also learn about the business of doing business. What tools you need to succeed, how to find potential clients and more. Work part time or full time, from home or not.

Learn marketing techniques that have been tested and proven from Hollywood to New York to Salt Lake City, with many stops in between.

We'll concentrate on how to audition, how to prepare and put together a demo how to approach an agent for representation and how to work with or without an agent.

Consider the power of improv in commercial radio and TV reads. It's good for you, it's good for the client and it's good for the audience.

There is other voice-over work. Industrial and educational narrators are much in demand. Multi-media projects now need voice talent. The World Wide Web is a marketplace to be explored by voice talents. e-learning and audio tours are two v-o areas on the grow; and now there's telephony..

"Scott Shurian offers not only great skill, knowledge and experience from his many years as a veteran voiceover talent but he also possesses the ability to effectively translate it to his students.;

-Vickie Panek, Agent Talent Management Group, Inc.

“Scott's workshops provide an avenue for creative learning and constructive criticism. His attitude and subtle humor give the class a fun atmosphere, but he's serious about the business at hand. I found his inside knowledge and vast experience applicable to every aspect of my voice over auditions."

-Chalise Porter

“I had already been doing voice-over narration work before hearing about Scott's class, but decided to sign up in the hopes of learning things I hadn't already figured out for myself - and I got my money's worth! The skills Scott teaches can help you to prepare for a voice career - and do it right from the starting gate!”

-Lyn Worthen

All this and more in the Salt Lake City voice-over workshop. You might even have some fun.

Our next Salt Lake workshop is forming now and we would love to have you attend. We ask that you sign up early for space is truly limited to a maximum of seven participants. All major credit cards are accepted through paypal.

Special early bird discounts do apply. Fill out the form below and send or call us at (801) 359-1776 and ask for a brochure!

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For a brochure please send this form to us or call Scott at (801) 359-1776.